Robotics at $1bn Marina Gate at Dubai Marina

CWO reported that UAE’s construction giant ALEC is introducing robotics in the construction of the $1bn (AED 4bn) 3-tower Marina Gate, MG1, MG2 and JLMG, located in Dubai Marina.

The project is owned by Select Group while ALEC is the main contractor of the project.

The story reports The business is working with more than just its subsidiaries on Marina Gate, though, and is using robotics to automate plastering, panel installation, and chasing work, Johan Moolman, Project Manager, says: “What we did in terms of innovation was to use a robotics system that holds the façade in place, so you can fix it from the inside of the building rather than the outside.

“This means you don’t need to use cradles and all that equipment. There are about 80-90 façade panels on each floor, and you can complete one floor in about two days, but if you use the traditional method, it would probably take double the time, so you could probably save yourself 50% of the time with [the robotics system],” he adds.

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