Emaar Banned Independent Holiday Home Operation

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Emaar is one of the top development companies in Dubai, Recently Emaar Community Management released a statement. It says, because of the several complaints from residents about disturbance due to short term rental operations, it is going to ban holiday home operations. Officially, the ban will be implemented from September 19, 2019.

The same day, Emaar introduced a new platform for holiday home lets with the name “Ease by Emaar”. Now, through the new platform, residents can rent out their properties.

Why Emaar banned independent short term rental operations in Downtown Dubai?

The Community Management of Emaar said they are committed to serving well to their residents. Also, they will always take decisions to maintain the neighborhood spirit in the community.  They received many complaints regarding non-family-related activities in the community because of non-residents. Thus, they banned independent holiday home operations.

Ease by Emaar

On the same day when Emaar announced the ban for holiday homes, Emaar introduced a new concept into the short-term property letting market “Ease by Emaar”. It is a platform where residents can rent out their homes to guests.

Ease will provide services to guests and residents. Also, the company will work on a commission-based structure. And the commission will only be charged after they rent out the property.

To attract the guests, Ease will provide housekeeping, unlimited Wi-Fi, spas, kid’s centers, and swimming pools. Also, guests can get Ease pass. Through the pass, guests can enjoy offers and deals.

Until now, there are almost 29 properties listed on the “Ease by Emaar” website. All the properties are from Downtown Dubai.


There are both negative and positive views from different personalities on the ban of independent short term rental properties. According to Arabian Business, Vinayak Mathani, CEO of bnbme, told them “I think Emaar’s ideology of trying to improve the community is correct but their intent and execution has to be questioned. How can they justify banning all holiday homes and yet on the same day attempting to launch their own? Something doesn’t seem right.

The CEO of “Ease by Emaar”, Mohamed Alabbar speaks on the launch, “the venture, like the short-term property market in Dubai, is still very much in its embryonic stage, although, he said there were “tremendous opportunities” in the sector.”