Dubai’s Most Awaited Event Expo 2020


Event, Prices, and Everything You Need to Know

Expo 2020 is finally happening on 1st October 2021. Expectations are high and it is sure to give a boost to the tourism and real estate sector in Dubai. The greatest exhibition in the country will attract tourists and investors from all over the globe. Expo 2020 got delayed due to the pandemic but it will prove to be a huge success this year.

What is Expo 2020?

The expo 2020 commemorates the latest edition of the World Expo series initiated in 1851. The event is held every 5 years and a new city is chosen to host it. The first in the series was held in London and was named the Great Exhibition. The most recent successful event was held in 2015 in Milan and Osaka will host the next expo in 2025.

Dubai started planning for the expo way back in 2013 when it was appointed to host the 2020 edition. The event is unique in nature as it opens the doors for everyone from all over the world. Various nations participate in it by providing solutions to global issues. Recognizing their efforts, Dubai has allotted a pavilion to every country featuring their culture and heritage in a modern way. 

Expo 2020 is more than just an event. It is an honor for the UAE to be the first country in the Middle East to host the global event. Planning and developments have been in full swing to welcome and accommodate around 25 million visitors. The event will last for six months as it starts in October and ends on 31st March 2022. The expo spans over 4.38 square kilometers giving an edge to property owners of Majestique Residence in Dubai South.

Majestique Residence is located in the residential district of Dubai South, which offers a lifestyle of living in a world-class community within an urban environment. The Community is truly an innovative concept of urban living, with close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport, the Expo 2020 as well as the Free Zones and Business parks of Dubai South, including the Logistic City and the Cargo Village.

Location of Expo 2020 Dubai

The site chosen for the biggest event in the UAE lies in the Dubai South district. It is close to the Al Maktoum International Airport and various residential communities. The Dubai Municipality and traffic police have planned the traffic flow in advance. To avoid traffic jams and lengthy routes, the new ‘Dubai Metro Route 2020’ will transport around 46000 visitors every hour from Dubai Marina to the Expo site in just 16 minutes.

Tourists will have lots of options to choose a place to live in style and luxury throughout their stay in Dubai. They can choose to stay in a hotel or choose a short-term rental apartment in the Dubai South district. Dubai offers a world-class lifestyle people can only dream of. The apartments in the vicinity are available at cheaper rates as compared to hotels, without compromising on luxury and beautiful views.

What to Expect from Expo 2020?

  • The event will showcase the culture of over 190 countries. For the first time in the history of expo’s, a dedicated pavilion is set up for each country which not only depicts their heritage but also highlight’s their contribution towards tackling important global issues.
  • The exhibition’s theme has 3 objectives namely, Sustainability, Opportunity and Mobility. Various activities are organized to help investors and tourists explore the themes.
  • The sustainability district has been named ‘Terra’ and is aimed to let visitors experience the importance of sustainability and introducing them to sustainable living solutions. Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Singapore are some of the countries with their pavilions in this district.
  • The mobility district named ‘Alif’ aims to promote improvement of connectivity in the digital age through understanding different cultures, exchange of ideas and knowledge and connecting with them. Russia, Korea and Australia are the major present in this district.
  • The Opportunity district is called ‘Mission Possible’ and is geared to help visitors experience unique activities that can unleash their hidden potential. Major countries here include the UK, Monaco, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Visitors will also enjoy live music performances and open-air dining from food stalls and restaurants offering mouth water cuisines from all over the world.

Expo 2020 Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Expo 2020 are divided into different categories offering discounts for students and elders. Here is the list of ticket prices:

One Day Pass

  • AED 120 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 60 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 60 for Students

3 Day Pass

  • AED 260 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 130 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 130 for Students

Monthly Pass

  • AED 350 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 175 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 175 for Students

Season Pass for the Entire Duration

  • AED 595 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 297 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 297 for Students

The tickets are free for seniors (65+), children (5 and below) and people of determination. To avail free entry, proof of age and eligibility will be required to present and students will have to present their Student Card to avail the discount.

Premium Season Pass

  • AED 895 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 597 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 597 for Students
  • AED 300 for Senior (65+)
  • AED 300 for Person of Determination

Ultimate Season Pass

  • AED 1295 for Adults (18 – 64)
  • AED 997 for Youngsters (6 – 17)
  • AED 997 for Students
  • AED 700 for Senior (65+)
  • AED 700 for Person of Determination

The Impact of Expo 2020 on Dubai Economy

Expo 2020 is one of the most anticipated events around the world and is expected to give the country an economical boost especially in the real estate and tourism sectors. Experts are of the view that UAE will experience a growth of up to $40 billion in its economy.

As is evident the tourism industry will experience a major surge, the real estate sector is not to be neglected. Areas in the proximity of Expo 2020 are expected to yield high ROI in terms of rent. Inquiries for Dubai luxury homes can be made via the web portal or by calling on our number +971-50-786 8912.

COVID-19 Guidelines to Attend Expo 2020

UAE has a strict policy pertaining to the CoronaVirus. Participants and visitors are required to wear a mask at all times and maintain a social distance of at least 2 meters. Furthermore, special arrangements have been made to make hand sanitizers available throughout the area. The staff will use thermal devices to identify COVID-19 carriers among guests.

The Experience of a Lifetime

Preparations for the mega event are complete. So, if you are a resident or planning to visit Dubai within the next 6 months, make sure you visit the Expo 2020 site and experience the world united in harmony. Tickets can be booked in advance on the Dubai Expo 2020 official website. Surely, the event will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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