Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

One thing that everyone in Dubai is talking about, and now its only few months away, is Dubai Expo 2020. Lets start from the basics to learn more about this phenomenal event.

What is a World Expo?

World Expos are a six-month long festival that takes place every 5 years with activities and events for all age groups, and interests. An interesting fact about World Expos is that many inventions and unveilings were performed at different expos such as the telephone that was launched at Expo 1876 Philadelphia, while the Eiffel Tower was unveiled at Expo 1889 Paris.

Others include the Ferris wheel at Expo 1893 Chicago, the X-Ray machine was launched at Expo 1901 Buffalo, everyone’s beloved ice cream cone came at Expo 1904 St Louis, the ubiquitous commercial broadcast television at Expo 1939 New York, the IMAX at Expo 1970 Osaka, touchscreens were introduced at Expo 1982 Knoxville and the famous humanoid robot arrived on world scene at Expo 2005 Nagoya.

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

For the first time ever in the history of Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region a World-Expo is being organized, and the host city is Dubai. Its anticipated that some 25 million visitors will attend Expo 2020 Dubai, with bulk of them arriving from other countries.

What are the Themes of Expo 2020 Dubai?

The main theme of Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The event will provide a platform to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration globally.

The three sub-themes are “Sustainability”, “Mobility” and “Opportunity”, each has a separate pavilion.

What are the Expo 2020 Dubai Dates?

Expo 2020 Dubai will start on October 20, 2020 and will close on April 10, 2021. Timings will be from 1000 to 0100 on weekdays and 1000 to 0200 on weekends and special days.

Who is attending Expo 2020 Dubai?

Participants will range from government organizations to commercial entities, non-profits and more. So far, formal participation from 190 nations has been confirmed, while more confirmations are coming in.

Where will Expo 2020 Dubai take place?

The Expo 2020 Dubai site is located in the Dubai South district, and its spread over an area of 4.38 sqkm. Its close proximity to Al Maktoum International Airport and ease of commute to Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport as well as Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals will result in hassle-free movement for the 25 millions visitors. In addition, its dedicated metro terminal has been designed to cater to 36,000 passengers per hour.

What will happen to the Expo 2020 Dubai site once the Expo finishes?

In line with the Sustainability theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, most of the purpose built structures will be repurposed for the thriving future city of District 2020. A key pillar of Expo 2020’s aim to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy, District 2020 will be a connected global centre for the next generation of innovators, original thinkers and pioneers for generations to come.

What will be the impact of Expo 2020 Dubai on Dubai’s real estate?

As the event date is coming closer, the increasing demand for property is driving the prices upwards. As a result, this is the perfect time to invest in Dubai property, even if you are looking for short term gains during the bull run. Whilst due to the very nature of real estate sector, nothing can be said with certainty, and we do also advise you to do your own research, but we anticipate the prices to increase in the coming months.

Image courtesy: Expo 2020 Dubai

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