Bloom Towers 18/11/2019 Monitoring Report

Following is the RERA, Government of Dubai Independent Progress Monitoring Report for Bloom Towers.

Inspection Date: 18/11/2019

Bloom Towers Project Details

Land Number: 762
Project Number: 1888
Project Name: Bloom Towers
Project Location: Al Barsha South Fourth
roject Percentage: 52.77%
Real Estate Developer Name: BLOOM HEIGHTS PROPERTIES L.L.C
Developer Number: 1151
Master Developer Name: JUMAIRAH VILLAGE L.L.C
Trust Account Number: 11175434920005

Bloom Towers Project Status


Bloom Towers Project Status Detail

The project is registered in RERA for off plan sales and the records indicate that the project is under construction and was audited recently.

Bloom Towers Project Description

Residential Building G+4P+3Towers (A:39floors,TowerB29floors & C29floors)with external and internal finishes.

Bloom Towers Inspection Notes

At the time of inspection found mobilization, foundation and enabling works substantially completed. Structural works progressing at different stages. MEP progressing with basic, 1st and 2nd fix are progressing at different stages. Internal works progressing with panels and water proofing at different stages. Internal finishes progressing with tiling, painting and fa